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Jazzbones Jazzbones
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I am still sort of a noob to all of this, but I am working hard to learn XHTML and CSS so I can use it to its fullest.  I'm pretty fortunate in that the sites I do are for organizations who have fairly low end needs. They are only paying me a pittance, but its been a great way to learn the ropes. Since they aren't paying me much, I can make some mistakes, learn from them, and they are still getting their webiste up and running. The pressure would be much different if they were throwing heavier $$$ my way.

Just wanted to say I'm thrilled to have found this site and forum - I think it will be very helpful to me as I keep on learning.

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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Welcome JazzBones. We are all here to help one another and spread the word. Don't charge too little though or people will take you for granted.

Jazzbones Jazzbones
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Thanks. I don't feel I'm really undercharging, as two of the organizations are pretty much volunteer run, and are causes I believe in. The other one don't necessarily pay a ton, but only has a couple updates a year, so it really isn't a ton of work. I do have a couple clients who pay regular price for my work, which for me means an hourly charge for updates plus the hosting and domain fees.

With those three clients, I get more than enough to pay my hosting/domain bill, so it works out well. I also am now taking care of my school's website, and the extra I get paid for that works out to about $20 an hour, which I think is fine for someone with my level of expertise. Right now my skills at working with clients is better than my coding skills, but that part is catching up. Thanks!

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