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Kay Bishop Kay Bishop
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Hi folks, I registered her to ask a question regarding hosting a website. I'm getting ready to start my own website, and I'm unsure of where to host. A friend recommended http://website.1and1.com/how-to-build-a-website as I don't have a great deal of experience when it comes to web design. So it might be a good place to start off.

I was wondering of any of you folks have had any comings/goings with them?

Thanks for reading,

Anthena Gomez Anthena Gomez
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If You are thinking so, Once visit Hostingrajacloud. They are offering Free cloud hosting and Website design.


Bachtiar Effendy Bachtiar Effendy
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Yes, I agree with Anthena Gomez.

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Chris Geitz Chris Geitz
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Hello Anthena Gomez

im Agree With you.

Deborah Alessi

Karl Lundvall Karl Lundvall
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There are tons of hosting providers around. Make sure to pick one that offers what you need.

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Aredey Axh Aredey Axh
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I also face the same situation.

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Safety Netlms Safety Netlms
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I completely agree with you dear.

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Aredey Axh Aredey Axh
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I deeply agree with you

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Vaha Arya Vaha Arya
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I dont have any idea about this site ,When you selecting the good host first of all, you should check the infrastructure, function, check them to a control panel to manage your hosts. More importantly, how they are professional that will lead your business to success.Its better to research and make a checklist of the features and compare the hosting providers and their services & You should choose hosting based upon the space that you need,amount of traffic your site will get and other such factors. Following all, I have been using http://www.thewebpole.com/hosting/web-hosting_4.aspx?ci=83725&prog_id=456994&pl_id=456994 as my web host for over two years now and have been very very impressed with them.It is cheap, but it is really professional.,you can go with them on a monthly basis .I host all my sites there and they are friendly and can assist you with whatever you need.

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