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Dzblack Dzblack
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Joe, I've downloaded your free font package and WOW! I like em!

However, on the Mac, I would like to put your fonts in a folder and ensure that from any program I use, that folder shows in my font drop-down menu. As it stands, your fonts get mixed in with all the others. That makes it difficult to identify your fonts from the others.

I tried renaming your fonts but to no avail. I tried putting them in a folder within my fonts folder to no avail. On the Mac, just exactly how can we organize your fonts in such a way as to make them easily identifiable from all other fonts?

Thanks in advance for your help. I truly understand the need for good web fonts. I am convinced.


Vladimir Vladimir
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Is there a way to make font folders in Windows?

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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Windows expects all the fonts to be installed in the Fonts folder. If you want to 'manage' you fonts into sets, have a look at Suitcase http://www.extensis.com/suitcasewin/index.html?ref=hp

It lets you keep fonts anywhere and load them up on a 'per job' basis.

This is certainly the most popular font management program for Macs but I haven't tried the Windows version.

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