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Whosjack Whosjack
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I'm new here and a total novice when it comes to web design. I did a website for a company a couple of years ago and have just updated it. The company want to add a message board facility and I would appreciate some help on which programme to get. I know this is a similar question to one in september but thought I would try for more opinions and advice.

I asked the isp provider and it needs to be in php(?). The comapny can pay a small bit for a programme but free would be good. What do i need to look for in a good programme?

I use a mac, if that makes any difference. I need the programme to be idiot proof, once it's set-up it needs to sort of run itself. The admin person (who I will train…mmm) will be even more ignorant than i am when it comes to computers!

Any and all advice would be appreciated.

PS I'm thinking about adding the site here for advice (and gentle critism) but not sure I dare yet.

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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I tired several boards, free and otherwise, before settling on this one YaBB, which is free. None of them are *easy* to set up but I found this one relatively easy, just followed the instructions.

It's not PHP, it's CGI (Perl) which easily configurable and more secure, in fact, my ISP doesn't allow PHP on his server because of the security implications.

As long as you have access to a CGI-BIN and can upload files and set permissions, you will be pressed to find a better one.

David David
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not only that, but it renders excellently in Lynx!

Is it PHP in general that has poor security or just phpBB? The industry seems to be moving towards .NET as a whole; my developer syllabus just got changed to reflect this.

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