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Ed Holm Ed Holm
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Hi everyone, I've just completed my website and would like to hear everyone's opinions of it and hopefully some recommendations.

Thanks all

Peg Prideaux Peg Prideaux
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Hi, Ed.
1) As a marketer, I think this site has a great clean look. Like it a lot.
2) A little wordy in spots. You might think about editing to shorten in some of the longer places, or using a link to more details.
3) Home page banner: Way too many words for a visitor to consume from a moving feature. I recommend you cut everything but the last two lines (beginning with "If you're serious about ...") and you'll have a much more impactful message. Minimally, remove the part about how hard you've worked. I'm sure you did, but it sounds small-time and/or self-congratulatory to a prospect.
4) About "Look at our past websites" ... why? Is something missing on the new one? Instead of raising doubts, why not use this space for a case study or promotional offer or industry news or thank-you-customers message concerning your five-year anniversary? Then show the former sites in your portfolio. At the end.
5) Consider taking the first names off the "our team" graphic. Again, it looks small time. Nothing wrong with being small, of course; but this site seems all about growth so it's a confusing message.
6) The affiliate link on the bottom navigation leads to a page that's not about affiliates, so a little fix is needed there.
7) I'm itching to ask you not to use the word "unique." There are obviously so many strong, positive things to say about your company it's unsettling to see a weak word like that mingling in the crowd like the unshaven, jobless brother-in-law you had to invite to the party. How about: strongly competitive, deeply knowledgeable, well rounded, multi-industry, on-fire, masterful, commanding ... you get the idea.
Again, really like the site. Congratulations.


Ed Holm Ed Holm
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Thanks so much for taking the time to give your feedback, I greatly appreciate your great insight, and I will work to implement some of them.

Thanks Again

Motive Minds Solutions Motive Minds Solutions
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We are a young team but we are lead by solid team leaders who are forerunners in their fields let it be design or programming we are comparable with the best. when we first established the company we were not looking for clients we were looking for friends who would benefit from us, what subsequently followed was the revenue for us. Aiming at forming human relationship was much higher goal to us then targetting for monthly revenue because we knew that if we were good at heart and if put the interests of our clients first then the reveune would automatically follow. This is the positive attitude everyone has in motiveminds.

We have formed several long term relationships with our clients and now it is like a family for us here and at times I feel like we don't need a sales team at all!


Chetan Sharma Chetan Sharma
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Nice to see but u can do some more.


Alexander F. Alexander F.
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I like the site a lot. It's nice and clean. What I don't really like is the icons on the right side "Free website review", "Client login" etc. - they kind of don't make much sense, especially what does the icon for "Client login". Why two persons? My opinion is that in most cases you don't need to use icons unless you're a software interface such as MS Word where there's a lot of functions and very little space. Now that you don't have such a space restriction and you also use headings which explain what each area is for, you don't really need to use icons. Plus I don't see a reason for making most of your headings and menus in bold and UPPERCASE at the same time. Especially the uppercase scenario. You know, it's just harder to read like that.
Other then that I think you got a great looking site. Good job.

PS I'd appreciate if you could look at my site and tell me what you think: Logistetica.com. All comments are welcome.

Joey Gallo Joey Gallo
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Hello All,

Please review my site: www.medicaresolutions.com

Lynne Gabriel Lynne Gabriel
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It is nice and clean, however, I think there is too much information in the homepage. Perhaps if you remove some wordings it will be easier in the eyes...

David Toth David Toth
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I'm new to this site, but so far I like it. I have just launched my new website to get some outside exposure. Most of my web design work has been internal for companies that I have worked for. I just about finished with a CSS and XHTL class to improve my web design skills.

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