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Damion Damion
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Hey guys, new member here, just wanting any feedback on what u think to this website i have designed www.sweetsuccess1.co.uk,
Any comments, improvements etc..

Cheers Guys

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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Interesting concept. The page works okay but suffers from too much dependence on Dreamweaver and doesn't validate. Nothing serious, but you might want to tweek it to perfection. Anyway, forget the Web design mechanics, let's talk marketing...

I don't (read can't) eats sweets anymore but I did spend quite a few years years doing new product development for Rowntree Mackintosh and Trebor and doing the ads and commercials for Fruit Gums and Smarties. I saw a lot of new products come and go. People seem to be very conservative when it comes to buying sweets (except kids, who are unlikely to buy online anyway). All the old favourites like Mars Bars, Bounty, Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts, Fruit Gums are still the top sellers - and probably aways will be.

I did the corporate identity for Trebor in the mid '80s and the packaging for most of their brands and jars of loose sweets, so I do have some experience in this field.

What you are selling is unbranded, like the pick'n'mix in Woolworths. I don't know how well that stuff sells relative to branded products but I do know who buys it.

I think you should look more closely at how pick'n'mix is marketed. It has to appeal to kids and people on low income with sweet tooths (teeth?). It is bright, colourful and cheerful, busy, and with a considerable 'fun' element. Certain colours say 'sweet and sugary' (fruity colours) and others do not.

The red and orange are spot-on but changing your background colour from white to a pale yellow would make an enormous difference in 'sweetness' perception. The home page is quite busy but I would go even further and have even more thumbnails - be careful of the image quality though, your jelly babies in particular look decidedly blurred, dull and sticky. Some of the others are totally out of focus. It doesn't take a top notch photographer to photograph a pile of sweets with a digital camera and make a decent image. Do it in sunlight with a few white reflectors to bounce light back into the shadows. In bright sunlight, you will get better depth of field, especially for closeups, but it's probably better to shot from a little further back and crop the image.

The labelling is pretty much what I'd expect for cheap sweets but you could improve the quality perception here and get more sales. I can't teach you that here but it seems a shame to spend all the money on full colour printing and little on design.

BTW, do you accept banner ads from dentists?

Damion Damion
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thanks 4 the feedback. Some good points. Don't do ads 4 dentists!

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