Miscellaneous: what is traditional keyline?

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Dzyngrrrl Dzyngrrrl
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Sorry...that probably seems like a dumb question to many of you out there. I have only taken an intro design course and a typography course and neither one addressed keyline. I searched google but couldn't find any description. I ask b/c  there is a job that I wish to apply for and I meet all of the requirements except for "keyline (traditional)...and since I don't even know what it is, I wanted to figure out how that might affect my chances of actually getting an interview for the job. If anyone knows of any information source on the web, that would be great...or if you know of a printed book that contains detailed information, I would like to know. Thanks in advance.  

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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People who produce artwork for print invarably work in 'keyline' mode.

Keyline is generally colour-separated artwork done by traditional paste-up methods and involves drawing accurate keylines for shapes with a Rapidograph (drawing pen) maybe in conjunction with bromides or computer generated typesettings.

So, you have to understand how to colour-separate artwork manually and know about trappings and such. It also requires a high degree of draughsmanship.

Dzyngrrrl Dzyngrrrl
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Thanks a ton! I appreciate the timely response!

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