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Dear Joe

Sorry, I'm a little bit late  there ....

But why to quit? You need not be the first in that crazy environment.
Just show your valuable view on what is going on, just write about your new art experience - it is no less interesting. Maybe a little bit another audience. And  why internet is not real art and acrylics is? Engravings and lithography were not real arts, they were techniques for reproduction only. Now with Xerox advent they are. Write about what you missed earlier in your life - invaluable reading for your audience. Yes, another kind of reading, but people need not think and act only in one way, don't they?


Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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There is more to life than 'the Web' and I'm trying very hard to tear myself away from it. I have unsubscribed from all the forums that I have been reading myself - which are essential to keep up with all this stuff.

Writing articles and blogs and such takes a lot of time that could be put to  better use and I haven't got anything to write about on the 'art' front yet.

I am moving out to a studio next week with no phone or computer (or heating either for that matter, which I'm more likely to miss!)

Bb Bb
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Joe, whatever you do you  can find, that you are doing wrong thing, if you only  want o find it.
Indeed it was sprint in marathon, but it is better to stop slowly...
Good luck! Don't catch cold without electricity.

Stan Stan
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Joe, have you considered handing these forums to someone else? I nominate Baxter!

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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What has Baxter ever done to you that you would wish this on him
I expect to have some news next week.


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