News: How Can CSS Benefit Website Design For Google?

started by Mark Spenser on Jun 10, 2009 — RSS Feed

Jumi Ram Jumi Ram
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Hello Mark Spenser,
very valuable information, these facts are very vital for SEO puposes. Thank you very much.


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Krystine Tawnie Krystine Tawnie
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A major benefit of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) website design is that it makes your website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation ) friendly. Search engine spiders can be very lethargic if they have to go through bundles of HTML code. Various tags and tables make the HTML code very cumbersome and heavy; thus, reducing the accuracy of the results.

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Ajnaz Ameer Ajnaz Ameer
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Hello Mark

Am doing SEO and this information really helped me. i was not that keen on css until i read this. many thanks. please email me your news letter

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