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MiniFonts Pixel Maps

Hi dear admin!

These "MF Pixel Maps" are a fantastic work again. It is very funny, all really nice things I saw in very good web sites, I found allways here. For me it is not important who is the first and has developed something as first. You pick allways the best and most interessting things from this world of pixel graphic. You have this great pixel understanding, which I love so much. All of your elements are at the correct position, you bring the best colors together and the whole composition is great. I think allways, if a person would ask me to change something on your works, I would say, I can't change not one pixel, every pixel is there, where it should be. Okay, enough with these compliments, I have a small problem. I want order these "MF Pixel Maps", but I can't. I order allways your fonts at "". This special product they don't have. I tried to order at 'kagi', but they are not professional enough to do that over my 'golden' MasterCard. I don't understand it, it is crazy. I had never any problems with this Credit Card, at no place in the whole internet. What can I do, I need your product very quickly. I tried to order following 'maps':

- Asia
- Americas

Maybee you can help me.

Miss Arzu Bazman

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