News: Welcome to WPDFD Forum 2004

started by Joe Gillespie on Dec 31, 2003 — RSS Feed

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
Posts: 528

It's January 1st 2004, Happy New Year. The forum is just gettings started so there's not much here yet.

It's all pretty easy to use, just click the Help link at the top if you are not sure of anything.

Mattman Mattman
Posts: 9

Glad to see the forum back on line Joe. No questions yet

Happy New Year!


Laurentm Laurentm
Posts: 4

Happy new year to you all!

I haven't got any questions yet, but will surely be harrassing you all very soon with web queries.  ;D
Fantastic news anyway  for the forum.

See ya!

Plutonium83 Plutonium83
Posts: 1

Happy New Year!

I hope I have a very fun time at this forum!

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
Posts: 528

Here's a tip if you want to see the most recent postings in all categories. At the bottom of the home page is a link that says:-

View the 10 most recent posts of this forum.

Click it and bookmark the page you are taken to.


Suzanne Suzanne
Posts: 4

Thanks for the invitation -- I hope this forum gets legs! I've been enjoying your editorials for ages, and recommend your fonts regularly. S

Mr_tee Mr_tee
Posts: 1

Good luck with the new forum Joe, I am quite sure it will be packed with useful tips and advice.

Louanne Louanne
Posts: 1

I just enjoyed your article 'Building a Strong Visual Identity for your Website', which I found on the website.  It was great.  I look forward to participating in your forum.  Thanks, again.

Kam Kam
Posts: 4

I just wanted to say thanks for the great site, Joe.  I've been enjoying it for a long time. I'm glad to have this forum - it should be another brilliant facet to the WPDFD gem! ;D

Vladimir Vladimir
Posts: 53

Happy New Year, guys!

Thanks Joe for your wonderful editorials and articles. I wish this forum success in the future.

Chris011010 Chris011010
Posts: 3

I can only wonder why Google didn't show me this a long time ago; I've been reading the site since a few months back - this forum should get some extra traffic coming in -- and a better hotspot on Google, one could hope!

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
Posts: 528

Google didn't show the forum because it's only just started on Jan 1. It hasn't been made 'public' yet, it's only been announced in the WPDFD newsletter.

Should I keep it 'private' or throw it open to the Web at large? What do you think?


Vladimir Vladimir
Posts: 53

I believe you should convince more people to sign up for the newsletter, in turn informing them of the forum, rather than just opening it up on the front page. This would create a sort of filter for the posters, but at the same time it does not limit the potential activity that can happen here on the forum.

Arura Arura
Posts: 5

Great website. Glad you started a forum. It was a little hard to find the forum from the website though. I had to use search to find it. Good luck. Hope a little of designers join the forum.

Mpj Mpj
Posts: 76

Keep the forum 'private'. This may go against the idea of the web being an 'open community' but it should help to keep the forum focused. It will be a lot more useful for designers (for me at least).

Rimfya Rimfya
Posts: 1

Thanks for all the editorials for the last year on CSS! I'm finally getting somewhere!

Baffone Baffone
Posts: 8

Forum said:
<snip> Should I keep it 'private' or throw it open to the Web at large? What do you think?

Several things -forums among them- tends to became worse while getting bigger. There are already huge forums over there. Why not to choose to maintain this forum 'private'?

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