Please Read First!: Advantages and Disadvantages of a Private Cloud Server ?

started by Vip Shush on Aug 2, 2014 — RSS Feed

Vip Shush Vip Shush
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The cloud can bring value to your organization if the right software, platform or infrastructure is deployed. Yet, before you downsize on-premise IT for the service provider model, you need to understand the features, benefits and limitations of the cloud. | | | |

Aswaha Yah Aswaha Yah
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It may also be helpful to have a quick outline of the topics I'm going to discuss. First, I'll walk you through some of the decision making process. How did I arrive at the decision to build a private cloud? How did I choose the technologies and hardware? Then I'll tell you a bit about the mechanics. How did I put the pieces together? What does my infrastructure look like? And lastly I'll show you some of the fruits of my labor (my favorite part)
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