Please Read First!: Define Google Dance

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Define Google Dance.

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Barry Willson Barry Willson
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Google Dance is an out-dated slang term used to describe the period of time in which Google used to rebuild its rankings...

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Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn
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The Google Dance occurred when Google’s algorithm updates were made a few times a month. These caused rankings to shake up every other week or so, and people would see their rankings jump up and down.

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Keith Wong Keith Wong
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Google Dance is an obsolete jargon term in search engine optimization, familiar to define the phase in which Google accustomed to rearrange its positions, and due to this rearrangement, positions of websites in SERP of the Google may possibly vary in order for the duration of more than a few day period.

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John Will John Will
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The name "Google Dance" has often been used to describe the index update of the Google search engine.

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John Will John Will
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