Please Read First!: Designing a site useing Adobe CS, What program is best?

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Gordon Pulaski Gordon Pulaski
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I am one frustrated designer! With a print background I find it easy to create web pages
or at least design the over all look and feel in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Q: Is this the wrong approach?

Q: Is there a book or site that gets to the point in a graphic way without the added confusion of codeing and HTML?


Jackie Gambill Jackie Gambill
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Gordon, did you ever get a response? I am in the same boat - only I am beginning to come to the conclusion that there is no "quick fix" that doesn't involve HTML coding - in essence, learning a new language.

If you have learned otherwise, please let me know, thanks.

Mike Crone Mike Crone
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There is really no "quick-fix". The only way to create web pages is by knowing HTML and CSS.
HTML is used to define the structure of the site, and CSS is used for the presentation or appearance of the site.
Neither "language" is all that difficult and no special software is needed beyond a text editor.
It may seem easier to use a visual WYSIWYG editor, but you won't learn anything from it, and when your pages don't display the way you want them to, you won't know what or how to fix it.


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