Please Read First!: Designing a website and I need help.....

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I started a small decal business with my kids, we make decals for leagues around town and we would like to be able to sell the decals online. We were trying to find a way to have people create their decal on our page and submitt it with payment for us. You can take a look at our site at The image on the opening page is what we do, I would like to have text that can be customized by the customer in 3 field and have the customer select which image they want to put in the middle. After searching for a long time I stumbled accross this website and their flash thingy would be perfect for our decals. I do all the web design myself so please be kind with technical terms. If you know how to do what we want done and want to help please email me at I would appreciate any help I can get.

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