Please Read First!: How to run a web design company?

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Anna Hussie Anna Hussie
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I am planning on starting a web design company, and I am getting some staff together to help out. I am planning on how I want everything, and I just want more info on running one, so I don't make a mistake when running one.

Valpo Creative Valpo Creative
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Its a lot of work, first you need to get all the licensing for tax purposes. I would suggest you take the LLC route for taxation reasons. Find an account to register the llc for you. Next register with the state. In conclusion, find an accountant and he will walk you through all the steps you need to take.. You are looking at about $50 register with state an another $250 for LLC registration, accountant fee's and federal registration.

Hope this helps

John Smith John Smith
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If you are really serious in running a web-design company and getting success. Then you have to really serious with yourself. Read below, Some of the tips:

1- Always learn from your mistakes
2- Do not get disappointed if you are not being responded well and remain firm and consistent to achieve your goals
3- Try to attract the people by services other than the selling services, i.e. encourage web designers to come and show their stuff (logo design, web design etc.) on your website using the contests (refer to to see how to do that). This way people will have a believe in you and your company's commitment.

Hope the tips will help.

Web Outsourcing Gateway Web Outsourcing Gateway
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These are just practical tips:

1. You have to enjoy what you are doing.
2. Keep on learning about web design: the trend, the latest techniques.
3. Know the right connections and get them.
4. Value and love your clients.
5. Have patience, have discipline and be responsible enough in running your web design company.

Madison B Madison B
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I think first step in every business is to do a business plan and after to start to make it.

I hope my answer is not to late.
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i say it from experience a lot of companies start without a bussines plan and they go out from market after short time.

Good luck

Joseph11 Bieber Joseph11 Bieber
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I have been experimenting with designing CSS web templates with the intention to sell them. I am getting pretty good, but I want to make sure they are compatible with as many hosting sites as possible.Are most standard CSS templates compatible with hosts or is there something else I should be doing?

Swebsitedesign Swebsitedesign Swebsitedesign Swebsitedesign
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ou state no one knows how to set up pricing... how are you going to do this for paying customers? It's not as easy to be a Web page designer as one may think. There are a lot of diffeent things to consider. Who is going to do your bookkeeping? Who is going to design the sites? Do you have someone who can set up a complete business website? Did you check for regulations for taxes, business license

Vikram Randhawa Vikram Randhawa
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First You should complete understanding of your Business plan..Then you should have complete hard working team...then dedicate towards your work you will definately achieve the goals...

Aspire Design Aspire Design
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First you should proper plan about the business then design website according to the business. Website is best way to promote business.

Raja Sekar Raja Sekar
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We are a small company called ArsecNetwork. We are online for two days now. Our web site is almost done. The question is if we have everything to make us successful? Do have all the information a customer wants? Is our page effective? Is it missing a feature? The pricing area isn't done yet, because nobody know how to set it up? What can we charge? All these questions ... would be great if they were answered. read more

Eduardo Saverin Eduardo Saverin
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Create excellent website your company. Then create portfolio with all information.

Rohit Jain Rohit Jain
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There’s a lot more to being a successful web designer than designing good web sites. The key to running a profitable business is to know that your job is actually to satisfy your client.This section provides guidelines from our experience of running web teams and our own agency, which we hope will help you be more successful and more fulfilled.Are you doing this by yourself. If the phone never stops ringing. How do you manage everything?
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Market Pros Market Pros
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Well I agree there is just too much that goes into running a successful designing business.
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Adam David Adam David
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It will be very easy if you love the work what you are doing. And get the good and professional people for work and get a good website of your company and you will get good business.

Hig Hen Hig Hen
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There are different types of web design which make people to select as per the need. But the best thing comes in a best way when someone sees the results on the Google in searching the best. That can be achieved through the best hands on the web design work.


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Sedona Sedy Sedona Sedy
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Tips & Warnings :-

Talk to your attorney about whether you should incorporate your Web design business.

Talk to your accountant about tax consequences, especially if you plan on hiring employees.

Never start a project until all the terms of the project, including payment, are put into writing.

Never quote a project until you have had an opportunity to sit down with the client and discuss their needs and ideas.

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Wds Wdds Wds Wdds
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setup web designcompany might be easy such as registration and all other related documents, the challenging part is positive response from customers and love what you do so you enjoy your work, be patient, everything need sometime in order to see its outcome.
wish you good luck

Jorden John Jorden John
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Firstly you have to go free on a few projects to get your portfolio on its feets, once you have live websites with satisfied customers they will spread the word about you and your services.
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