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Simon Cooper Simon Cooper
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I have replaced tables with CSS and DIV and wonder if I have done it correctly or not? I am not sure if there is a better way of doing it. All suggestions and comments are welcome. My site is at and

Cesar Perez Cesar Perez
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The display of the site is very nice, and you did a great job with the CSS.

I do see a few things that you can improve easily however. There is still a little presentation within the markup of your HTML, like the page background color, and instead of placing the styles on every page it may be easier to link to an external stylesheet. Also, you may want to think about creating your navigation as a list of links, then using CSS to make them either inline or block display (horizontal vs. vertical), rather than using h2 or h5 tags. Take a look at the CSS at the CSS Zen Garden or one of the examples at Listamatic

The only other comment I have about your page would be to proofread it one more time. I noticed a few grammar issues and some inconsistencies between the use of third and first person writing. Once these are ironed out the site will have a more consistent feel, instead of looking like you personally wrote parts of it while someone else wrote the rest.

Other than this minor detail the site is great and I hope your site brings you much more success with your artwork.

Bob Way Bob Way
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You have done a great job on your two sites. I agree with Cesar that you can do better with your navigation if you use a list. There is a really great tutorial at A List Apart on Taming Lists.

Lists can be horizontal or vertical just by how they are defined in CSS. There is a great wizard on using lists at CSS List Style Wizard. The more you look on the web the more resources you can find.

Using an external CSS file is really the best thing to do as well. That way yo really separate the content form the presentation.

One other thing, which may be pertinent, is you might want to use a watermark on your images to ensure someone else isn't taking them and using them somewhere you don't know about. your art is really great and I hate to see people get ripped off. Don't forget a quick copyright statement in a footer.

Good luck with your sites.

I ask simply that you go wherever your imagination takes you, never doubting that no matter where you go, there you are. - Buckaroo Banzai Bob Way

Jason Hyman Jason Hyman
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Buland Zeb Buland Zeb
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Mike Edwards Mike Edwards
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I would suggest a few considerations if I may.

Firstly, do you really need to lose a table for the sake of divs?

Tables in themselves are a valuable part of semantic mark-up. Sometimes people go from one extreme to the other without really thinking about why. For the sake of your home page, I think it was probably the correct decision.

However, I would suggest a more elegant way of doing this than they way you have chosen. Absolute positioning is OK to a point, but some browsers (guess which) still have issues with it.

Also, your code is bloated by a mass of co-ordinates, and if you change one of them, you have to then change them all.

I would suggest the following, which I have been using for years.

First of all, have a containing div for all of your elements. Set a specific width for it.

Create a div element inside that container and give it a class of whatever you like, such as imagecell or whatever.

Inside that div, but your image and your hyper link.

So what we have now is a div called imagecell that contains your image sitting top left of the containing cell.

If we create another 4 following on from this one and view the page, we will get them all in a column.

The key is to float the .indexcell elements to the left of each other. These will now spread across the row. You can add margin and padding to suit.

Once the floats reach the end of the row, they will simply start a new one.

This means you don't need any co-ordinates on each cell, and that if you have to adjust one, they all follow suit, or you can make another unique class for an individual one should you need to.

It also means you don't need endless ID tags as you have and you can keep the style in one place for all of them.

As an aside, I would also strongly suggest that you keep your CSS code in a separate document and call it on each page.

You can see that I have used floats in my web site by clicking the link below:

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Hope this helps.

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