Please Read First!: Need help creating UI in Flash CS4 on a mac--PLEASE!

started by Lisa Ruffman-weiss on Oct 25, 2009 — RSS Feed

Lisa Ruffman-weiss Lisa Ruffman-weiss
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Maybe I made a dumb assumption that I could create each page of my website as different .fla files and link them (the way it works in Dreamweaver), but after making the buttons and all the files, I can't figure out how to make them interactive. I feel so stupid! How does this work??!!

I tried using the getURL code, but when I publish the swf nothing happens when you click the buttons, and I get errors:

1021: Duplicate function definition.

I have just four pages I want linked together: home, portfolio, resume & contact. Each is saved as a separate .fla file; maybe they should all be on one file in separate scenes. I've been working on this a long time and it seems like publishing it is just around the corner.
Can somebody PLEASE help?

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