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Please feel free to make comments, ask for, or offer help to other members — that's what the forum is for. Remember the international nature of the Web, English may not be the first language of a member and they might have different interpretations of what you write.If you are asking for help with a Web page design problem, it is best to provide a URL to that page rather than talk in abstract terms. You can add a URL to your message by enclosing it in a HTML link like so:

Important: You may not use the forums to place arbitrary links to any website. The links you post must be relevant to the question or resource you are posting. DO NOT ad links unless it is directly related to the content of your post. This will be interpreted as SEO spam, and the post will be edited or deleted.

You can find out more about formatting your postings to include URLs, images etc. in the help section.

Forum members have different areas and levels of expertise, but in the end, they are giving their opinions. Everybody is entitled to an opinion. Act upon it as you wish, but remember that respect and courtesy should be maintained at all times.

In giving help, try to remember what it is you are doing. Be as clear and concise as you can and give links to any tutorials or articles that you know about and think appropriate. Before you rush to post a message, look at the preview. Could you have made it clearer, does your formatting do what you expect?

Thanks for participating in the forums!

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