Please Read First!: What are the important features in HTML5?

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Johan David Johan David
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Hello Friends,

Please tell me what are the important features in HTML5.

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Carolina Flores Carolina Flores
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There are several articles that list some important upcoming features of HTML5, which can work on certain browsers.
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Aswaha Yah Aswaha Yah
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now with the help of HTML5 it is possible to embed video and audio, high quality drawings, charts and animation and many other rich content without using any plugins and third party programmas as the functionality is built into the browser.
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Balaji Seo Bangalore Balaji Seo Bangalore
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HTML5 Development

HTML5 is the cornerstone of W3C open web platform, a framework designed to support innovation and foster the full potential the web has to offer. Heralding this revolutionary collection of tools and standards, the identity system provides the visual vocabulary to clearly classify and communicate our collective efforts.

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Patricia Ellis Patricia Ellis
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1. New Semantic/Structural Elements
2. New Form Elements
3. New Input Types
4. New Attribute Syntax
5. Graphics
6. New Media Elements

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Rahul Kumar Rahul Kumar
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Richa  Sharma Richa Sharma
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Thanks for Sharing Information ..
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Bob  Nelson Bob Nelson
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HTML5 not only includes new markup elements but also APIs that can be consumed from the JavaScript code.


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