Please Read First!: What is a Landing Page?

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What is a Landing Page?


Joseph Edwards Joseph Edwards
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Link found in ranking rather than target page is landing page.

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A landing page is a standalone web page designed for a single focused objective.

Stephanie Clark Stephanie Clark
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Hi Friends.
In the purest sense, a landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive at or “land” on. However, when discussing landing pages within the realm of marketing and advertising.

Types of Landing Page:
1. Click Through Landing Pages
2. Lead Generation Landing Pages

Balaji Seo Bangalore Balaji Seo Bangalore
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Landing Page

Clear and Concise page headline

Impeccable Grammar

Go easy on the links

Use related image and video

Always be testing

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Brain Technosys Brain Technosys
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In online marketing a landing page, sometimes known as a "lead capture page" or a "lander", is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement. The landing page will usually display directed sales copy that is a logical extension of the advertisement, search result or link.

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Balaji Seo Bangalore Balaji Seo Bangalore
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Landing Page Testing

Gather tools like web analytics and brand standards.
Test virtually every page elements.
Focus on metrics that matter.
Test page that are radically different.
Keep testing on landing pages.

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