Please Read First!: What is cloaking in seo ?

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David Alessi David Alessi
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Hello friends please tell me what is cloaking in seo.

Aswaha Yah Aswaha Yah
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Cloaking is a search engine optimization (SEO) technique in which the content presented to the search engine spider is different from that presented.
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Jason Bowden Jason Bowden
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It is un-ethical black hat SEO technique. The developer creates a content for search engine purpose, but not for the people. Therefore, the search engine recognizes one content, but visitor sees other content. It's abuse of Google webmaster guidelines.

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Jame Leo Jame Leo
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Stuart  Spindlow Stuart Spindlow
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Hello Friend

Cloaking is a black hat SEO techniques in which different content or webpages are show on search engine and users. You can get fast indexing of websites in search engines but it's harmful for long term optimization of websites in search engines.

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Say My Vows Say My Vows
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Cloaking is an illegal activity used to increase traffic and keywords ranking to our website. ... You for using this techniques. Actually, this is a black hat SEO technique used to fool Google and others search engines.

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Four J Party Four J Party
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Cloaking is the process of providing the search engine with one set of website Page while the Internet customer receives a attractive website page.Cloaking is basically a black hat the search engine Optimazion technique in which one page is redirected to other.

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Jessica Davies Jessica Davies
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Cloaking is a kind of black hat SEO, I don't think it is good for a website.

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Peter Orlinski Peter Orlinski
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Cloaking means that presented website is diffrent for a Google robot and the user.

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Robert  Clark Robert Clark
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Cloaking is a seo activity used to increase website traffic and ranking, this is a black hat SEO technique used to fool Google and others Search engines.
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Paul Brighton Paul Brighton
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Cloaking is black hat SEO technique.

Robin  Gage Robin Gage
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Hello Friend,

Cloaking is an increasing ranking method, generally means to present different version of web page contents from of search engines to search robots and human visitors based on their browser's user agent or IP address. It's a deceptive method used to cheat search engines in order to rank well for desired keywords.


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