Please Read First!: What is data type?

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Elena  Smithson Elena Smithson
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What is data type?

Richa  Sharma Richa Sharma
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No Idea .

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Jessica Davies Jessica Davies
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Don't know anything about it.

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Aswaha Yah Aswaha Yah
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data type or simply type is a classification identifying one of various types of data, such as real, integer.
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Barry Willson Barry Willson
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Data types is one of the mechanism that define which types of data is to be used in program as like integer,character,floating point etc.

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Peter Orlinski Peter Orlinski
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It defines whate the pointed data represtents. It might be a number(data type: float, integer ...) or byte (data type: byte) or some word or letter (data type string or char).

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Sophia Calvin Sophia Calvin
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Data type is a determining various forms of details. These are used for determining, applying and using all various kinds of details.
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