Please Read First!: What is robots.txt file in SEO?

started by David Alessi on May 13, 2014 — RSS Feed

David Alessi David Alessi
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Hello Friends,

Please tell me what is robots.txt file in SEO.

Zakir Muhammad Zakir Muhammad
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Robots.txt is a text file you put on your site to tell search robots which pages you would like to visit or not.

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Syrena William Syrena William
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Robots.txt is text file which is uploaded to your server which tell search engine bots that which file or folder of the site to be indexed and not to index to its database.

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Jessica Davies Jessica Davies
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If we don't want that Google do not crawl or index a particular page or our website, we use their robots.txt to block that page.

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Richa  Sharma Richa Sharma
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robots.txt is use to disallow another file .
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Renatas Steponaitis Renatas Steponaitis
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It is great when search engines frequently visit your site and index your content but often there are cases when indexing parts of your online content is not what you want.

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