Please Read First!: What is Title?

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Kimi Nie Kimi Nie
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Hello Friend
Please can tell me something about of web Title?


Aswaha Yah Aswaha Yah
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A title is a prefix or suffix added to someone's name in certain contexts.
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Joseph Caron Joseph Caron
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A title tag is the main text that describes an online document. Title elements have long been considered one of the most important on-page SEO elements (the most important being overall content), and appear in three key places: browsers, search engine results pages, and external websites.

Richa  Sharma Richa Sharma
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title tag is meta tag .

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Excel Care Excel Care
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Title is a collection of character that added to prefix or suffix that indicate headline of the any document or any name of things...

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Shivi Rawat Shivi Rawat
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Title tags are part of the meta tags that appear at the top of your HTML inside the < head> session. Think of title tags like the title of the chapter of a book. It tells people and search engines what your page is about.

Jacob Harrison Jacob Harrison
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Simply stated, the title to a piece of property is the evidence that the owner is in lawful possession of that property.

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