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Im at school studing ICT for Gcse. and personally i think the lessons should be all day everyday. (lol)

Well i really want to be a web designer as its my dream....but what does it involve and whats it really like? I want to know you think about it so i can know that this is really for me. Im 99.9% sure it is but i dont know everything yet.

Sort of things i want to know:

Does it get irrating/boring after long periods of time?
How many hours do you work?
What sort of salary does it provide?
Do you work at home or in an office?
What quilifications do you need?
Do you get holiday leave?


Also can anybody suggest Web Designing offices in Cornwall/Devon (South West England)

My teacher has been on a web designing course and he said he would show me what he learnt from the course! (am i a little to addicted to it?)

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