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started by Chad Spillars on Jul 29, 2009 — RSS Feed

Chad Spillars Chad Spillars
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I am using a software program called Coffee Cup Visual Site Designer. It doesn't let you put any non-letter characters in your page urls (no dashes, commas, colons, underscores, periods, etc).

Currently I have the first letter of each word in my URL capitalized. I read somewhere than Google can can tell the words apart if each one starts with a capital letter (for SEO purposes), but I ALSO read somewhere that Google pays no attention to letter-case.

Does anyone know if it matters to search engines if I capitalize any of the letters in my URL?

Also, even besides the SEO point, is it a good idea to put capital letters in my URL? Are there advantages/disadvantages? If someone had memorized my url and typed it in lower case it wouldn't appear and they would be confused. What is everyone's thoughts on capital vs. lower case letters in urls...

Dckap Technologies Dckap Technologies
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Capital letters are mostly not recommend. procedure of the url to be in small letters because small letters are more comfortable for search engines to search and the reach the site.

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