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Mpj Mpj
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I have a client who wants to invest in some paid advertising of his website. I've always optimised my clients sites following the generally accepted standards of good behaviour and used free registered for these sites. I've never been given a (small) budget for advertising a site.

So my question is, what paid advertising works? What is the best value for money? I know there are paid placements on most of the search engines, pay per click, banner ads on other sites etc etc etc. I can't recommend them all and I have a responsibility to try and get the best return on my clients investment.

Any ideas most welcome.

Stan Stan
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I think you should convince your client to spend the money on putting the site's URL on business cards, stationery, billboards, company vehicles and any thing else they release.

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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It's very simple. Media buying is about addressing the target audience. Who exactly is the site aimed it? You can go for shotgun advertising where you spend a lot of effort and money to reach as broad an audience as possible or you can narrow it down to a select few and put all your efforts into that. Targeted advertising is much more efficient and cost effective.

Mpj Mpj
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Thanks for the replies.

The target audience is pretty well defined - people looking for extreme sports clothing and equipment (eg jackets that'll keep you warm at the top of Everest).

So I guess the question is, do I find online and/or printed magazines dealing with extreme sports and place ads in these magazines. Do I carefully choose some relevant keywords and pay for Adwords (?) in Google etc?

I just want to know what is generally offers the best return on the investment given that the target audience is very specific.

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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Okay, you know who the target audience is. Next thing to find out is where the competition is advertising. The client must know who his main competitors are?

Advertising rates in specialist publications (or web sites) will be considerably lower than in general circulation ones. The math is quite simple if you know the circulation figures and the cost per square inch. You can work out the dollar cost of reaching 1000 potential customers and therefore you can plan the campaign efficency.

When you get to general publications, you have a much bigger audience, but much of the effort (and cost) will be wasted because the readers will not be interested. 'Seeds falling on stoney ground' and all that!

With Google Adwords, it's very hard to know how good the targetting is for something like this. It might well be that mountain climbers would rather be in the great outdoors than inside surfing the net so you need to try it and measure the effectiveness compared to a highly targetted regular ad. You need to look ahead a little and accept that you might not get it right first time. No media buying agency does.

Then...when you've worked out the best media plan, you still have the competition to worry about. They are likely to be there too. I always paper the walls with competitive ads, current and past. That establishes 'the language of the marketplace'. You might try hard to fit-in there, or you might want to do the very opposite to be different and stand out. I prefer to stand out rather than blend-in, but that's a 'confidence' thing and depends very much on the client's attitude. There are no benefits in being invisible (in advertising) unless you are very clever indeed.

Anyway, you have to convince the punters that your products have something to offer that the others don't - style, technical benefits, cost, whatever. It's not just a matter of sticking a logo on a page - that is 'brand building', which is a longer term strategy and only works if the company is still in business. What you have to get across is the USP - Unique Selling Proposition - that separates your procuct from all others. If it doesn't have one, then you have to invent one!

There is no 'instant answer' to your question. It needs groundwork and I'm afraid that there's no shortcut.

PS. Have you considered branding the URL on a herd of mountain goats?

Mpj Mpj
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Actually, the URL is going on an Albatross - they get higher than mountain goats and travel further too!

Seriously, thanks for the advice. I understand what you're saying, just go to get stuck in now. Lucky I budgeted plenty of time for client meetings and research!

Patricia Cerro Patricia Cerro
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We always start with free advertisement besides particpation in forums, article and press releases submissions, etc and so far we still don't use paid advertisement.

For instance we at started with seo for our own website and we are ranking for website development outsourcing argentina.


Patricia Cerro Patricia Cerro
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I know it's a "complex" keyword but considering we started making seo a few months ago at least, it's something right?

Before that we didnt even exist for Google


Scott Haines Scott Haines
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Hey Guys,
I am doing some SEO work currently as well, and what you can do to really help your client is a.) Have them send a press release 4 times a year via PRWire. This will get syndicated by a lot of online blogs, and newspapers, and they will get a ton of links back to their site from quality sites that are talking about the same topic - since they are talking about the press release - this is a quality link, no back linking, and it only costs around $600 a press release. AdWords doesn't work in the long term.

b. If they are in an industry, get them in industry specific online directories with high PR. If they have to pay $30 -$60 for the one time setup, first make sure the site gets real traffic, check on Alexa to make sure they have been around a while, and not just popped up over night. Then your client gets more industry specific links to their site and from quality sites that will offer them real traffic.

That is all I can say, think like the potential customer, think where would you go to find this product? How would you do this? Where would you do this? - The web works, I would advise against huge marketing campaigns like Billboards and magazine ads, your money is better spent in more concrete ways.

Scott Haines
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Hello Mpj,
i think you can go for Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft adCenter. Google sells sponsored listings that appear above and to the right-hand side of its regular search results, these listings are called Google AdWords. Paid search programs allow site owners to "bid" on the terms they wish to appear for. You agree to pay a certain amount each time someone clicks on your listing. This is why sponsored listings are referred to as "pay-per-click" (PPC) or "cost-per-click" (CPC) advertising.

Thank You.
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