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started by Steve Webster on Sep 17, 2007 — RSS Feed

Steve Webster Steve Webster
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Hi, I was wondering if anyone one could give me some ideas/help on a way to allow a client to update a small area of text on a standard HTML/CSS website.

I am currently designing a website for a client who as expressed an interest in a small area of the site which he could update himself with latest news/offers.

His needs are too simple to require a full blown Content Management System, which I can’t provide myself as I don’t have the coding knowledge. So I was wondering if there are any easier ways to create a site that is capable of basic dynamitic updates.

I have searched the net and found some information that this might be possible by using RSS Feeds or Notepad (Txt) Docs, but it never gave any information on how this can be achieved.

Can anyone shed some light on this subject for me or suggest a way that I might be able to achieve my client’s objectives?


Mike Crone Mike Crone
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If you are using Dreamweaver as your editor, then I would suggest you have your client & yourself purchase Adobe Contribute. Built just for this purpose.
Or take a look into :


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Terry Prism Terry Prism
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I created a program called Webmaxster. I programed it for my son who creates pages for the Click through trade.

It is based on text modules and a whole site is created by intructions of one text "Script" file.

To solve your problem your client would only have to edit one text file and then regenerate and upload.

It can handle any html,script forms frames etc. and the site is saved as building blocks. A meccano approach.
It is a site builder and is used in conjunction with your favourite editor. It is way outside normal site building.

I am about to redesign it but the present version may do what you want. I just pulled the site down untill I put the next version up.

If you are interested I can email a help file that explains how it works.

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