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Dave Dave
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Hi everyone

Im new to web design, and new to this board, so please don't laugh at me if I sound stupid!  

I'm working on a web site at the moment and had an idea. I have a database (Microsoft Access) that contains various tables of information. I was wondering if its possible to allow users of my website to search this database.

I would want them to be able to search the whole database for a piece of information, and for the database to display a 'report' of the corresponding information that it has found.

Is this kind of thing possible? If so, what technolgy does it require?

Thanks for your help!


Baxter Baxter
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I'm pretty sure access CAN be hooked up to the web, but I think it would likely be slow and unstable. If it were me, I'd move the access info into a sql DB and go from there.

Dave Dave
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Thanks for the reply

How do you create an SQL database?


Vladimir Vladimir
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Hi Dave,

Connecting to an Access database isn't any problem. Use PHP - you can learn more about it at

Along with PHP, you need to learn some SQL statements, which instruct the database what to extract or insert, etc. You can get a SQL primer at

You also use a SQL statement to create a mySQL database. Or, if your hosting service has a mySQL feature, you can probably go to the online control panel to configure it.

Dave Dave
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Which method is better for maintenance? Ive got to add items to the database every so often. And which it the quickest and/or easiest method?

Thanks for yoiur help


Mrblack Mrblack
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Dave, I'm sure you figured this out by now, but incase you haven't...

Access is indeed a less than ideal choice for a high-volume website, however at least for testing purposes it should be fine and save you some cost/complexity.

PHP is a great language for web based applications however if you are looking for something simple and you already have a working Access database, there are tools in Access itself for building Active Server Pages which will quickly give you the ability to use your Access database over the web.

The biggest consideration in all of this is what you will be using for a webserver.  If your server doesn't support the tool you select, be it ASP, PHP, perl, etc. you will be out of luck.

Assuming that you can host this on something that will run ASP, you might want to use the stuff built into Access to get your prototype up and running.  If you have scalability issues (the best problem we can hope for right?) then it is simple enough to "upsize" the Access database to something like Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL or MySQL; again all depending on what your server can do.

Hope this helps.

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