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started by Joe Gillespie on Jan 6, 2004 — RSS Feed

Vladimir Vladimir
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I have tried ASP, looked at and Coldfusion, and have used PHP. But I would like to know which language is the most simple to learn, powerful, and easy to connect to databases for dynamic websites. Thx.

Terakris Terakris
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Would it not be dependant on what your back end server can run?

I use ASP day in day out, so of course im going to say that (cos i know it1 ;D ) but im just starting out in PHP and thats not exactly complicated either... just different from what im used to.

Chris011010 Chris011010
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PHP is probably the most flexible and easy to learn language around; I'd stick at it, within a month you'll be writing a fully fledged Site Management System, or other program of that calibur. It's quite a powerful language. And best of all, it's free!

Tip: Develop all of your scripts locally. Get yourself set up with Apache 1.3.2* (Apache 2.0 doesn't like PHP 4 much. Even though they're both made by the same people), the latest MySQL, and of course, PHP itself. And when you realise how much you've saved yourself by not going for the Microsoft approach, go get yourself a coffee. You deserve it.

Stmaster Stmaster
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Is very important what programming language do you now at this time . Php is similar to C and C++ an asp is a little different . If you are using C++ I suggest you to try PHP .

David David
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If you're just curious about learning a server-side language then I'd recommend PHP over ASP because its free nature makes it better supported. You'll be able to set up your own server, participate in the large community etc.

On the other hand, if you were hoping to go into this professionally, .NET experience is what companies are demanding (at least here in the UK).

(There is also a free implentation of .NET called mono, which is being actively developed by Novell.)

Scott Thompson Scott Thompson
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PHP all the way. I have been using php for over 6 years now and have never got to a point where i can't do something in it! ASP is the other option, but only if you enjoy spending money for the sake of it.

You can see just how much power PHP has by seeing how much functionality my site has (coder profile)

Oh, and if you ever get stuck in PHP (or anyone else here) i would love to try and help you out. I love the language

Kind regards,

If you enjoy programming, then checkout my coder profile

Dckap Technologies Dckap Technologies
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PHP is more flexible and simple to learn. You have to decide according to your interest in programming language, as far i consider PHP is related to C and C++.. so it is very easy to learn when compare to ASP.Net..

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