Scripting: easiest way to file stream

started by Joe Gillespie on Dec 22, 2004 — RSS Feed

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I realize there are probably a milion and one ways to do what I need to do, and I'm not looking for the easiest to be lazy, my concern is mearly code simplicity for the sake of load time.

I am starting a sort of news site with many articles under diffrent topics. I am using a div element which scrolls while keeping the rest of the page static, creating a look of a framed site without frames. I want to be able to use the same page and have links where onClick will write in new content, say from a .txt or .htm file.

The content need not be found by search engines, if it makes for simpler code, but it would be nice.
I have worked with file streaming with C but not with javascript. And although I am the greenest newbie towards PHP, it seems there should be a way to do it with that as well. Really I just want someone to put me on the right track.

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