Scripting: How do I pre-cache images? Using DW?

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Bradanderson Bradanderson
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Hello there,
I'm completely NOT a programmer or JS writer, so please keep that in mind with your replies. I have a site dedicated to photography, and was wondering if it's possible to pre-load images on the page before the actual image to speed up viewing time? I saw the article published about saving time which suggests this, but there wasn't any coding or method to do this. I am using DW for my html, could someone please suggest a way to pre-load or pre-cache these images if it's possible?

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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Yes, it is possble to preload images but probably not what you are thinking of. If I go to your home page, or any other page on your site from a link, when the browser loads the page it requests the images from the server. Apart from keeping the file size down for faster loading, there is no way to make the images load any faster, it takes a certain amount of time. You can't have the images there waiting for the page just ask you can't have an echo before you shout.

You can have a javascript to preload the images, but you still have to wait that amount of time before they appear.

What you can do, is preload images for the *next* page, so that when you go there, the images are waiting. So, if you had a pageful of text about yourself that people had to read and were preloading the images in the background, when they hit the <next> button, they would get instant pictures. Reading the text is masking the passage of time. To do this you have to have a predictable route through you site, as in a slide show.  

This example preloads the next picture whilst you are looking at the current one

Here is a CSS-based slide show which preloads images into an invisible div until they are required.

The *simple* way to preload images is to put them on a page but set their size to 1 x 1 pixel. When you go to a subsequent page, the images are already in the user's cache and display instantly.


Chris Strupp Chris Strupp
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Thanks for elloborating, I figured this was the case I have only use prre cahing on sub pages and not indexes.

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Krystine Tawnie Krystine Tawnie
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