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Jfield Jfield
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I am a graphic designer working on a web site that requires a registration form. This is a very basic form with with just 3 text fields, 2 radio buttons plus a submit button. It is set to do "mailto:" ...when the visitor/applicant submits their info, it goes to an email address. This works automatically in IE but in Netscape, when the submit button is clicked, a blank email window opens...

Do I  need javascript to get this to work universally? Is there a tutorial or reference on this site???

Thanks for the help...

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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'mailto' is not a valid action for a form. The fact that it works in some browsers is neither here nor there. Lots of invalid things work in old browsers, that why they are so big, slow and bloated - Yes I'm talking about IE here!

The only valid actions for a form are 'get' and 'post' which deliver the form reponses to the server to be interpreted appropriately.

You need to send your form to a script on the server to be parsed and passed on to Sendmail for mailing. It's nothing to do with JavaScript.

No, I don't have a tutorial on this on WPDFD as it's not really what WPDFD is about. A search on Google should find you the solution.

Lozit Lozit
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Use formmail.

Need CGI ( or PHP ( enabled on your host.

This is really easy to use.

Vladimir Vladimir
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PHP should be a good solution. Use the mail()'s really simple...I'm sure most hosts support PHP nowadays...

Jazzbones Jazzbones
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Check with your ISP, too. Mine has several scripts pre-installed as part of my service and I know there are a couple of form handlers available. Lots of possibilities - if I'm hunting for a script I usually check out - they have tons of free and pay scripts available, reviews and ratings, too.

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