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I have a question for you that maybe you can help with.  We are currently updating our sample request form.  Right now it is a pop-up and I am able to clear the users cookies and redirect the parent page using JavaScript.  When someone submits a sample, they get a confirmation, they close the window and the cookies are cleared and the original page from which the pop-up came is redirected.  While all this is happening an e-mail is sent to me giving a summary of the sample request.  The problem is the e-mail is being sent twice.  1) When the user actually submits the sample an e-mail is sent  2) when the user closes out of the window another e-mail is sent.  What I would like obviously, is only one e-mail.  Can you help?  (sample cart page , everything works)  (actual form page)  (this is the page where the problem is , probably with the refreshParent function

Since it is a pop-up here are instructions on how to go through the process:


1. Click on Add to Sample Cart (on right)
2.  You should then go to this page (  DO NOT CLICK ON THE PREVIOUS LINK
3. Go to the web address and a 3 after cart so it should look like this (  DO NOT CLICK
4. Then Click on Submit Your Request

Thanks ???

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I can help you do this stuff. This can be done by two ways I think (if you want to use cookies). First way is to use javascript to manage your cookies and the other way is to use cookie management from the server side. Both methods are applicatable and I can do this for you. But all of this have a price which we can negotiate. I can offer you stand-alone function or module which will handle cookie support for your site, and will be fully independant and you can used it later in other projects.

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