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Cregy Cregy
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I have been asked to do a magic site for a client. His current site is appalling and needs to be rewritten (thankfully). He did the site at home using some sort of basic wysiwyg editor - so I can't really blame him. But he has recognised he needs a hand.

I however, know that I am about to learn a whole load of tricks! I have always built my sites fairly simply, preferring a minimilist approach! So I now have to learn a whole new approach - I am looking forward to it!

So, first things first. I have been looking at various sites to start trying to learn dynamic css but am wondering whether anybody has seen a trick I need first. Basically the magician will have a picture of himself on the front page holding a pile of cards. The idea is the cards will slowly disappear. It probably sounds simple!

Any help would be appreciated.



Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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You can vary transparency in Mozilla/Firefox and IE dynamically but they use different methods which means browser specific coding and you will be out of luck with other browsers.

I would use Flash in this instance.

David David
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how do you vary transparency in firefox? Have you written an article on the subject, by any chance? IE support isn't necessary in my case since it's not available for me intended audience anyway.

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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Check this out

Nicholas Castorina Nicholas Castorina
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visit for very helpful video tutorials

Scott Thompson Scott Thompson
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Hi ya,

Download the prototype and library. It contains a library of special effects (inc what you want to do).

If you get stuck using the library let me know because i am quite snappy at it now and should be able to help you.

Kind regards.

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