Scripting: New To Web Design and looking for help with a few problems

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Paxton Means Paxton Means
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Hey, Im new to web building and just put up my first site. Ive been having a problem with a scroll bar, I dont know the code or what it would even be called to keep the scroll bar from resetting when clicking on an image to make it larger.

Right now I know its because i have the image load in a new page, it just mimics the design of the last one. I was curious if anyone knew how to make the larger image just reload in the same page.

Any ideas?

edit, i guess the link needs to be copied and pasted? I couldn't get it to work right...Its the photography page of

Steve Rosetto Steve Rosetto
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Hello. I'm not new to website design however I do have a problem on an existing website of mine that I'm desperately needing a solution for. Am hoping someone on this forum can either provide the solution I need to implement or can direct me to someone who can help me with this problem.
Here's my problem;
On our square dance clothing website we have a special package deal where a customer can purchase a complete outfit for a discounted price. My problem is that the customer must currently make choices between a couple of options and then click the "add to cart" button for those selections to go our PayPal shopping cart. They must do this for 5 different options they have for this package deal. My problem is that we have customers customers who try to purchase only one item from this special webpage instead of purchasing 1 of each item on the page as intended. I'm looking for a way to ensure that the customer has clicked the "add to cart" button in all 5 items. If they haven't, I need the order to not be allowed to go through?? Again, I'm using PayPal's shopping cart which only allows for 2 options per transaction.
Please take a look at the webpage for a better understanding of what the customer must do in order to complete the package deal purchase. Here is the url for it;

Any help will certainly be appreciated to resolve this problem.

Thank you,

Steve Rosetto

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