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Jeromedelamerced Jeromedelamerced
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Anyone can help me how to make online reservation form for hotels, inns, apartelle...?

The online reservation form consist of course of credit card validation. How does it goes? How's my client or viewer trust me when they planned to reserve online? What do i need? Thank you.

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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To take credit card bookings you need a merchant account with a credit card company, which is not easy. You will also need a secure server, that's one that shows a locked lock icon at the bottom of the browser. You will need software to validate credit cards with banks Worldwide, and a system to do this automatically 24 hours a day. Your site and any responses you send should also have a security certifcate such a Thawte and I would suggest that you have professional indemnity insurance against being sued for large amounts of money if anything goes wrong.

Scarey stuff.

Mrblack Mrblack
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For basic credit-card processing you could use something like paypal, but it isn't really designed for commercial-grade ecommerce applications like the one you are describing.

What you should probably look at is something like VeriSign's PayFlowLink which gives you a fairly finished ecommerce option with a minimal amount of work on your part.  

I would assume that if you are booking rooms that you would want something to prevent double-booking and such, in which case your ecommerce system should either provide or integrate with an existing room reservation system.  Building something like this will require professional programming expertise beyond the scope of this forum, however it is a fairly common need so I would imagine that there are several off-the-shelf systems avaliable.  I did a quick google and found the following:

I can't vouch for the quality of these products but it appears to be a problem with many solutions.

Owenreese Owenreese
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with some modifications to my program (vbscript & asp scripts) i think i could have a real time solution for hotel reservations - preventing double booking etc.. but my concepts require the prospective customer's willingness to pay either all costs or a reservation fee up front in order to secure the rooms. the problem i feel is really about selling the rooms competetively. in other words, a customer surfs the net for hotel rooms, finds one company who doen't require up front fees and another who does require a fee... who do you think the customer will go with in the end... well - maybe it's possible that customers really do want to know or to be ensured that their reservation is a solid, confirmed, and actually avaialable, no hasel when they get there kind of booking. any way i got the live communication software thing up and running for a single product (ie my time) one on one thing... and i think i can take this concept and apply it towards multiple rooms (each being there own product) and each product is available for x amount of time for x amount up front and x amount when you get there .

i included my previos comms which explain my live scheduler concept below: (copy and paste) hope it's ok forum admin. thanks, owen reese

re: my email to some folks in new york - thought you would like to see how i address payment prior to appointment situations:

note: i use paypal also but i got my ipn (instant payment notification) turned on - if interested in my thing - you'll need to check out your paypal ipn configuration or at least get kinda familiar with it. not sure if your web host provides you with asp (active server page) functionality but you'll need this also if interested.

i looked at your web site regarding how your customers set appointments.
i also wanted my customers (just like you) to pay for the one hour appointment as part of the scheduling process (if they don't pay first then they don't get the reservation kind of idea...) well, since i am a programmer, i decided to create my own application for my own use. it turned out to be pretty cool - it's live - provides up to the minute status of my availability.

i'm just a creative nobody programmer that hopes someday i'll become a somebody programmer...

check out
go to online services - my schedule

my scheduler software keeps track of my availability and allows users to set an appointment (reserve my time). the paypal payment is processed and if successful - locks in the reservation. If not successful within 10 minutes then the reserved appointment becomes available again.

the application is actually a live internet app (just like chat rooms are live), it handles multiple users at the same time. one user reserves or makes an appointment, then all other users can see that specific time is no longer available.

i suppose the simple analogy would be if you were to have several customers on the phone at the same time, and your employees are setting appointments - updating some white board that all of the other employees can see in order to make sure they don't over book or double book your studios. but when you do this kind of thing on the web, then your customers will need to see that white board (they need to see it live because someone else might be trying to set an appointment for that same time).

the first come first serve policy idea - just like you would tell or instruct your employees, who ever gets the appointment written down on the white board first gets that time slot. after it's on the board (specially since it's paid for already) then all other employees will need to tell their customers on the phone, nope, sorry that particular time is not available any more, but the next one is, would you like that time slot sir? Yes, ok, hold on a sec, i'll put it on the board. ok i'm back, it's yours now, and how would you like to pay for that sir, visa, good what's your credit card number? ok, thanks, one moment please. uh sir, i'm sorry your card was declined. oh i see, you went shopping the other day and think it might be maxed out. no problem sir, hold on one sec, i got to remove your reservation from the white board. ok, i'm back. well sir, is it possible for you to call back when you have funds available? tomorrow, that fine, i look forward to hearing from you again. next day.... customer calls back... hi glad you called back.... uh, no, i'm sorry that time has already been reserved by someone else, but i have another time available, would you like that one, yes, ok, hold on a sec - i'll get it on the board..... uh...... i'm sorry sir, your card was declined again..... blah, blah, blah

my goal is to make the software better, more functional, more user friendly & specifically better in order to deal with real life situations...
if you are interested in beta testing this software - meaning you provide me with constructive ideas based on your experience - then in trade I give the software to you and all of my future updates...

what do you think

thanx for your time, owen reese

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Kokokmas Kokokma Kokokmas Kokokma
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