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Mpj Mpj
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I will be doing my first e-commerce job in a couple of months and need pointing in the direction of some resources.

Does anyone know of a good source of shopping cart related PHP scripts or better still an entire PHP shopping cart solution. Online payment is not an issue as the company will be sending invoices through the post.

Also a pointer any info on usability and e-commerce solutions would be helpful.


Jdenny Jdenny
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So the user will have the ability to order products on the web site, and receive an invoice with/before the product?

I personally would not call that e-commerce, I think it is easier and cheaper to impliment (and there fore great for developers and clients).

I'm only interested because I do not currently offer 'e-commerce' solutions, but do offer my clients online order forms.
Maybe I could offer 'e-shop' solutions, that would cover all bases don't you think??

Mpj Mpj
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Hi JDenny. Yes e-shop sounds about right!!

Regarding this e-shop/commerce solution I asked about: yes, the customer should have access to an online catalogue of products that they may choose to put into a shopping cart. The shopping cart must be fully functional (i.e. customers must be able to view it at any time, change quanities ordered, delete products from the cart etc.). The order will then be emailed to my client who dispaches the products with an invoice. I should point out that my client sells their products business to business, the general public are not involved.

There will also be a customer registration section to take full details of new customers or identify existing customers.

Since posting my question I've found and downloaded osCommerce. I don't know if this will fit the bill or not, it looks scary complicated....

Jdenny Jdenny
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yeah I don't like generic scripts because they are often too complicated for specific tasks, and I would prefer to 'know' what my scripts are doing all the time. Plus it's sometimes more complicated to learn to use someone elses script than to make your own (depending on your experience of course).

Now, if your customers must be registered with your system (your 'shop'), then you will hae some database (maybe just some text files, or some database software) recording their membership etc, which can be built upon to store simple lists of products that make up each customer's 'shopping cart'.

This is where a well design relational database comes in handy - you should only need to store the product ID for each item on each customer's list, and when showing the customer their order form, the data going into print-out (or to the web page) will be retrieved be looking up the names and prices (etc) related to that product ID.

Mpj Mpj
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Yes, I was thinking along the same lines. Invoice addresses, delivery addresses, names etc are already recorded for existing customers. They even have unique customer IDs thanks to the accounting software used to prepare the invoices. A good base to start from.

It appears that what I'm really looking for are examples of scripts just for simple shopping carts rather than a complete e-commerce solution. I'll take a look at the osCommerce version but if you know of any others I'd be grateful. Preferably simple with plenty of comments to help newbie scripters like myself understand what is going on!

Jdenny Jdenny
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If I had more time I'd have a go at it myself, I havn't seen any other scripts unfortunatel,y so I have no examples for us to learn from. Try searching the PHP Class web site (forgotten the name or url, but they have a big database of classes (includes)).

I don't know whether i'm a newbie or an advanced-newbie, but if you have any problems I'll see if I can help.

Mpj Mpj
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Thanks, I'll let you know what I find out. Yes, scripting is still a mystery for me too. I feel like I know just enough to realise how much I don't know!?

Sentinel Sentinel
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I think I can help you. I've already have done such a modules for web applications based on PHP/MYSQL. Of course they was linked with JavaScript interface. If you want please contact me.


John2004 John2004
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>Does anyone know of a good source of shopping >cart related PHP scripts or better still an entire PHP >shopping cart solution.

We provide source codes for our shopping cart software. It's a PHP system. So using it you can learn how to develop e-commerce system

ExtCart Shopping Cart Software

Jm25 Jm25
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I am using osCommerce it took me only a few short months to go from "I've never heard of php to a complete functioning shopping cart". It does seem complicated at first but there is a great active forum and you'll be up and running in no time.

Mpj Mpj
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JM25 said:
I am using osCommerce it took me only a few short months to go from "I've never heard of php to a complete functioning shopping cart". It does seem complicated at first but there is a great active forum and you'll be up and running in no time.

Hi JM25! It's been quite a while since I made the original post, I've ended up using osC too. I'm just finishing an osC based site at the moment. I guess I'll see you on the forums over there from time to time.

I'v started converting the whole package to xhtml/css. I couldn't do a complete conversion for my present project due to time and budget constrains but I'll get there.


Motive Minds Solutions Motive Minds Solutions
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Kimberly Montoya Kimberly Montoya
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I have been working for long with osCommerce and can recommend it as it is open source and it is highly customizable. The code is very simple for understanding and logically structured.


Jon Jacksan Jon Jacksan
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I am using - Free GPL Shopping Carts Software. Beside all other features this software is based on PHP Smarty templates, this makes it very flexible and easy to modify. Hope this will help you.

Web Design Web Design
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I have know one excellent site which can help you in your problem. here you can solve all your problem.
This is really good shopping cart site.

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Gene Mckinney Gene Mckinney
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Can anyone helpd me. I am trying to find a program, I think it is called Quick Quote. It is use to give a customer a quote on a job. Like hoe much it would cost for a walk way 4 feet by 25 feet. The customer would put in the price and would get back a quote of what it would cost.


Jumi Ram Jumi Ram
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Hello Mpj,
i think you can go for, or i think you can find a solution from any of these sites.
Thank You.
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Ajnaz Ameer Ajnaz Ameer
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am using osCommerce . pleasetry it. after a little time its so easy to operate
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Fatouh Banhawy Fatouh Banhawy
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The best advice I can give you is to research all the packages you consider long and hard before settling on one, and especially go to sites that are actually running the package for income, not just demo sites! Zencart can hold its own against most of the for-pay wares, and I think it's the best of the free ones by far.
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Sabri Dino Sabri Dino
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