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I wanted to write an FTP program in PHP.

I was able to get my PHP to log into my ftp site correctly using the user name and password passed to the ftp.php site I wrote, but I kinda gave up on the project after that. One of the reasons the coding there stopped was because I could find no easy way to pull that list of names into a clickable file box(like the windows explorer look, but on my site).

I thought about making each of the actual files a link that would let you view/download them and make each folder with a bullet next to it. Then if you wanted to enter into a folder, you could select the bullet and select the open folder option.

I was thinking that this  would take entirely too much time and would be better off asking in a forum if anyone knew how to create the file list I originally looked to make. Doesn't need to bee too fancy, I can work on it to make it look better.

Sorry for a lack of code right now, I'm at work and was just browsing around and found this page. Would love any feedback that I can get.


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Why don't you use the opendir,readdir,filetype,closedir function. See php documentation for reference. I'll already done such a module and I used this function. Try it.


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