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started by Nicholas Castorina on Jul 31, 2007 — RSS Feed

Nicholas Castorina Nicholas Castorina
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I'm trying to make a directory with full permission rights using this script:


but for some reason it only gives permission 755. Can someone please help me?

J. Cornelius J. Cornelius
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Did you try quoting the directory path?


- J

Mike Holloway Mike Holloway
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Try: (note the backticks, not apostrophes!)

`mkdir --mode=777 $dirpath`;


`mkdir -m 777 $dirpath`;

Scott Thompson Scott Thompson
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0777 is the default permission anyway. Make sure the script executing it has the correct permissions in the first place (i would imagine it does). Also, try FTPing to the folders and set the permissions then. If it fails, talk to your web host.

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