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Jerad Clough Jerad Clough
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We have over 150 dance programs (20,000 students) through out the Midwest. Each of our cities has its own page that the directors of those programs are able to login and change the information on that page.
These pages are used for students to look at to see updates………… etc.
What we use right now is an old real estate site that we have changed a little bit. It is very crude.
From our home page you click on dance classes to get to this.
What we are wanting is to have more of a user friendly setup for our directors. We would like them to be able to put pdf’s on there and do other things like upload pictures.
We want it to work similar to My Space, but have it still linked through our website so we get the 20,000 students a month coming through our site.

I don’t really know what it is that we need to do. Maybe it is something as easy as blog software, but we just don’t know. I am thinking it will be more complex like writing a whole lot of code and having something specially designed.

Can any one help????????/


Susan Weber Susan Weber
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Have you looked into using Joomla!? It is fairly simple to set up and will give you a similar feel to what you have now. There are plenty of extentions that will fill the need for what you want, such as a community builder and gallery. I set up within a couple of weeks and it was my first attempt at using Joomla!.

Mac_jsn Jsn Mac_jsn Jsn
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Hi Jared

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