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started by Peter on Jun 20, 2004 — RSS Feed

Peter Peter
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I have pop out menus working fine using CSS in Opera and Mozilla on my website at

There is an article about Suckerfish dropdowns which uses Javascript to simulate the effect in IE. About half way down the article is some code that I need help on. I know nothing about Javascript so would like to know how to use this code. It mentions "this.className" three times and I suspect I replace that with something, but what exactly?

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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Hi Peter,

If you look at the source of the example you will see the javascript being used exactly as shown, so you don't need to do anything special with this.classname. What you do need to do is check the validity of your JavaScript for syntax errors. Use Mozilla's JavaScript Console and it will show any typos or syntax errors. JavaScript is very fussy that every dot is in place.

Peter Peter
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Thanks, Joe. I don't know why I didn't look at the source. I completely overlook the obvious sometimes!

Now to get down to making it all work...

Doyle Thibert Doyle Thibert
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Ok, I am a very big time Newbie to all of this and cannot seem to make a CSS Horizontal dropdown work with Internet Explorer 7.0 on my site:

Everything seems to work just fine in Firefox.

Thanks for any insight on this matter.

Stever From Axemedia Stever From Axemedia
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I've been using the Son of Suckerfish method for a while now. Works great.

Some Examples;
Original Home Designs
Friendswood Central A/C this one is using multi levels.

Tony Whittaker Tony Whittaker
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Has anyone used, or know of, a javascript for repositioning a second or third level flyout in Suckerfish. I have a menu (not actually suckerfish) which has a script which does this, but only in FF. The script works in not only mine, but Stu Nicholls and Suckerfish:
own | Nicholls |

It's a big advantage that a menu would never sink below the bottom of the screen, if you have reasonably long menus.

thanks for any ideas


Maskodok Eko Maskodok Eko
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