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Graeme_walker Graeme_walker
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Hi everyone
A customer has asked me to build a web site that they can update themselves (just a few lines of text on one page). All the options I've looked at require me to build the site using a CMS web site creation program, but (having spent months learning them) I'd much prefer to use GoLive or Dreamweaver.

Does anyone know of a way for me to build the site in the program of my choice and then allow a non-technical user to edit the content using another simple (and preferably free) application?


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Baxter Baxter
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I'm a big fan of wordpress... one of the reasons why is that pretty much all of it is built off one xhtml template page. Edit it in the program of your choice, and you're home free. It does require a good knowledge of CSS though.

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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It sounds like a job for Macromedia Contribute but if you are careful, Mozilla Composer can do the job too for free,

Iwo_at_work Iwo_at_work
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First, sorry for my bad english, but my school days are long ago. Maybe (depending to the needs) it can be a job for web yep, too. Web yep, a small cms application is created by the makers of launcher, a particular known application for OS X. Web yep will also work with WIN. It can be integrated into Dreamweaver an works very easy. The Website for web yep is only in German, but I think, the Demo is easily to understand. This is the link to the application site: http://www.obdev.at/products/webyep/
this is the link to the Demo Site: http://www.obdev.at/products/webyep/demo.html. At least it costs 29 Euro.

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