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Pendulum Pendulum
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Hi all!

I have decided to build and test a dynamic web site on my local Mac machine. I have successfully installed MySQL and PHP, and I know that it is running fine a I have also installed phpBB2 forums, which run fine.

My problems have come when I started using dreamweaver MX 2004. For some reason I CANNOT get it to connect to my local machine as a testing server. All I get is 'unidentified error' every time I try to select a database using the connections dialog. I am trying to login as root and no password on local host machine.

Can someone help me? What am I doing wrong? I have pointed the remote and testing servers to my local user account 'sites' folder.

I can get this to work fine when working on my site on a live web server, but just nothing works on my local machine!



Stan Stan
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I'm still using DW4 on a beige G3, so I can't help you, but that looks like the kind of thing the folks over at the MacAddict WebDev forum would be good at. If nobody replies here, I'd give 'em a try.

Baxter Baxter
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I've got basically the same setup at home, but I can't remember what I did.... if I remember correctly, the path you THINK is right isn't, and all those files are actually elsewhere on the machine. Or something like that. I got it to work, but it took a while to figure out.

And once I got it to work, I never used it again. I just created a bookmark in my browser(s) to my local directory, and I just open them locally and view them in whatever. Since I use a LOT of different editors, it works best for me.

Mpj Mpj
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Hi Pendulum

Like Baxter set up a similar system for a project I was working on last year but I've forgotten some of the details.

I apologise in advanse if some of my advise is patronising, I can't tell how much you already know / have done from your original post. Anyway:

1. I had to start mySQL manually every time I booted. I did this from the terminal window and cant remember exactly what I did.

2. The folder that all your files should go in is:

3. Mac OSX does not start all the apache webservices when you boot unless it is connected to a network. Ie when my mac was connected to my PC on boot the webserver worked, when it was unconnected the webserver didn't work. I posted on the Apple OSX Panther Support Forums about this, some people there had the same experience as me, others not.

In conclusion my advice would be to post on the Apple forum, they're very helpful in my opinion.

Newbie1 Newbie1
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This is a solution for PCs, but it does involve many similar concepts.  Perhaps this can put you on the right track to developing a Mac solution.


1) In Dreamweaver, go to Sites/Manage Sites/Advanced, in “Testing Server,” be sure to configure URL prefix: http://localhost/ .... See Check the URL Prefix in the Site Definition at Macromedia.com. (Note that the URL prefix does not always need to point to http://localhost/. Right now, we are just using localhost as the troubleshooting web site. The important thing is for “URL prefix” to point to the document root address of whichever testing web site you are connecting to.)

2) Make sure that the MySql extension is activated in php.ini. Take the ; off the left side of the line in order to activate: extension=php_mysql.dll

3) Make sure that extension_dir = “chpext” is activated in php.ini, and that it points to the correct directory where php_mysql.dll is located.
For PHP5: extension_dir = “chpext”
For PHP4: extension_dir = “chp" Use this if you followed PHP4 installation instructions and copied all the extensions from chpextensions to chp.

4) Make sure that PHP is working in Apache server. Does browsing to your http://localhost/phpinfo.php page display PHP graphics and data?


The Dreamweaver Tutorial has you create PHP code on two pages: comments-view.php and comments-add.php. The problem is that after you complete the tutorial instructions, both pages display as blank pages in your Internet browser.
If you’re working on those pages in Dreamweaver, when you click on “Live Data View” you get the following error code:

The testing server did not execute any of the scripts in your document. Possible explanations include:
1) The testing server is not running.
2) The testing server ignores files with the ".php" file extension.
3) Your document does not contain any scripts.

This is caused by a parsing problem in PHP, i.e the PHP code hangs up and your Apache server gives you a blank page. The solution is to make a change in the php.ini file. Change short_open_tag = on to make it read: short_open_tag = off

Good luck. I hope this helps.


Mike Brice Mike Brice
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I have the Blank PAges and Error Codes condition on Dreamweaver trying to bring up php and mysql. I have looked at the php.ini files and the short_open_tag is off. ANy other ideas on where to look. I am using PHP5.

Mukund Marvel Mukund Marvel
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hi ..

i too have problems on getting live data to preview with dreamweaver and MySql.. the HTTP error 404 occurs as detailed by newbie1 above .my DB connection is good & edited php.ini as said but to no avail.i use PHP 5.

please help.

Maskodok Eko Maskodok Eko
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