Web Design Software: E-commerce question, please help. Thanks!!!!

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Cesar C Cesar C
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I would like to create a subscription type of website.
I want to be able to charge customers on a per month basis or per year.
I want the credit cards charged automatically every month.
If the credit card doesn't go through then they lose access to the website.
I want everything automated.

You pay, then you receive an email with your password through email.

I was looking into Shopsite ( http://www.shopsite.com/ )
but I don't know if that's what I need.

Can anybody give me some clues as Software I can look into?
or have you created anything like that?

I truly appreciate "all you answers".

I've been trying to find some people in my area that can help me or charge me to do
it or at least part of it but have not been lucky. That's why I'm thinking
about doing it myself.
I can build websites but it seems hard to find people that can do php, sql, etc.

On the other hand this is the kind of project that you need trusted people to do it
because involves money..

Thanks in advance for all your help.


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