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Steve Webster Steve Webster
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I'm looking to purchase a Shopping Cart package that I can use to create E-Commerce sites for clients.

It needs to be secure, reliable, easy to use and update. I also need a package that allows fairly simple theme amendments.

Does anyone have any recommendations or advise?

Harold Rau Harold Rau
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Have you looked at e-commercetemplates? http://www.ecommercetemplates.com
Adaptable to any design. Have used them on several projects.

Rick22 Flair Rick22 Flair
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you can use Tally if you want..
its nice and reliable..

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Cyberjack J. Cyberjack J.
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Hi, I suggest the Avactis shopping cart, because it has all the features you mentioned. It's also accepting lots of payment methods (incl. Google Checkout). You can download a free demo and test for yourself.

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Levien Eelman Levien Eelman
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Yes, I agree with Rob. I use for my clients often Virtuemart.
You can see this in action here:

Andy Ellis Andy Ellis
Posts: 6

If you know PHP then ZenCart is a pretty good place to start. It's open source and easily configurable.


Peter William Peter William
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Shopping cart software
Zeus Cart offers easy-to-use features to open your first online store quickly, advanced features for store quickly, advanced features for additional customization, store quickly, advanced features for additional customization, and integration
sources: http://www.zeuscart.com/

Lynne Gabriel Lynne Gabriel
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I suggest Magento Shopping Cart.

Dr Driftwood Dr Driftwood
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I've setup a number of shopping carts so have a fair bit of real world experiance. One I wouldn't be going for now is Magento Shopping Cart. It has some neat features but it's a long way from being ready for a production server. Just getting to grips with the admin and loading products will put most people off (lets just say it's not microsoft). People who recommend this product clearly have never run a shoping site in the real world. If they disagree they can list the sites already using Magneto with more then 1000 products.

ZenCart is fine but so are most of the offshoots of OScomerce shoping cart. The are 5 or 6 of those and most are supported well by the OS comunity. I tend to think ZenCart is the less customisable of the bunch as all the site seem to look very boxy.

But it really depends what you can do and what kind of products you want to sell and your clients. It might be worth going for an OS product but not if you can't afford the time and a decent hosting package.

Checkout www.websitehandyman.co.uk he might be able to help more at no cost.

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Brian Porter Brian Porter
Posts: 2

I would suggest a hosted shopping cart system. They tend to be a little more but they are very well maintained and are full of great features. The one that we use at Bucca is Volusion. They are fully skin'able and full of features.

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J. Cornelius J. Cornelius
Posts: 8

Have you checked out the new Shopping Cart Creator from CoffeeCup?

- J

Peter William Peter William
Posts: 2

I am using zeuscart software which is the best open source ecommerce shopping cart software.I highly recommend this because it works great.


Paul Dylan Paul Dylan
Posts: 2

i used Fortune3.com for my Shopping Cart Software platform. I also used Google Checkout for my individual shopping cart widget needs.

Matt Richardson Matt Richardson
Posts: 1

You need a highly customizable shopping cart solution. I will recommend you to use the E-commmerce Software provided by Pulse Solutions. They can create custom e-commerce software to match the needs of each specific portal. This system is not only ideal for selling products but also for services, subscriptions, charities, custom rental fees and many more.

Hossam Elnaghy Hossam Elnaghy
Posts: 7

have been using OsCommerce for a long time. I installed Zen cart a couple times both are very good.

Matt Phillips Matt Phillips
Posts: 4

I absolutely love osCommerce like Hossam does. I like zencart as well for a shopping cart.

Matt Phillips Matt Phillips
Posts: 4

How many people have used Google Checkout? I have heard both good and bad about them. One thing I have heard, is they do not have any customer support. It is all automated support?

Matt Phillips Matt Phillips
Posts: 4

I worked with zen cart recently and it worked better than the other free carts out there.

Rohit  Tripathi Rohit Tripathi
Posts: 6

I would suggest you Emerchant, its good

Matt Phillips Matt Phillips
Posts: 4

Rohit, Emerchant is good, but I still think OSCommerce is much better. It is so easy to use and the overall quality looks fantastic compared to Emerchant.

Jonny Jacker Jonny Jacker
Posts: 28

LiteCommerce is a lightweight high-tech ecommerce solution devoted to make an internet store launching process as easy as surfing the Web. LiteCommerce is more than just a shopping cart. It is a multipurpose ecommerce store platform. Numerous built-in features will make your online store and your business successful: inventory management, credit card processing, SEO tools, special offers, discount coupons and others.

Maskodok Eko Maskodok Eko
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