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started by Jm on Mar 24, 2004 — RSS Feed

Jm Jm
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Hello! Please help me!
I am using InDesign 2.0. The pages palette is acting very strange... I have to pull the edge and make the palette very wide in order to see the pages. It is almost like they are right justified and I can't move them to center or left. And to see them, the palette needs to be so wide that it obscures 90% of the document.
Also, my document is approaching 28 pages and I can't see the pages at the bottom and the palette does not seem to have a scroll bar.
I heard that there is a patch for this problem, but I went to the Adobe website and couldn't find it.
Any advice?

Mpj Mpj
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Hi. I don't use Indesign so I can't help you directly. Have you tried the Adobe Forums? I had trouble with a demo version of Photoshop 7 and a quick question posted on the forum sorted it.

I think the forums are accessible from the Support area of Adobes' website. Good luck.

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