Web Design Software: How to Create Undownloadable Content?

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Hagene88 Hagene88
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Hi, i'm newbie in web design. I'm looking forward to create an website that allow ppl to stream the flash/video/text content which is undownloadable (save to their local disk). I require vistior to visit my page often.  

I notice that some live streaming Quicktime movie's files can be found in internet temporary folder. Swf file also can be downloaded if URL is known. This is an undesirable cases.

Any suggestion that i can do that? ??? Any software or scripts that can use? Any ideas?

Thanks a lotsssss   for your help.

Baxter Baxter
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It can't be done.

Both the browsers and the 'net itself are designed to transfer information.  The simple act of loading the page means they've transferred SOMETHING from the server to their client machine.

No matter what you build, it will be fairly easy to overcome.

Hagene88 Hagene88
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The is the website <ur1>http://www.macromedia.com/software/flash/flashpro/video/gallery/ that i found imposible to be downloaded (or maybe i don't know ???).

How to create something like this?  


Baxter Baxter
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I dunno. Even though I'm on a fast line, I got sick of waiting for that junk to load.

Zajnee Zajnee
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Hi Hagene88,

I have to side with Baxter, when he says that Flash stuff is a pain. But it does provide what you are looking for.

Afaik, the reason why you can't download stuff you see on a flash homepage is that it is not showed via the browser, but via the viewer shown in the browser.

So, if what you want is to hide the way you make stuff and prevent people from saving content locally, then flash is one way to do it.

Since you write that you are new to this thing, I'll warn you that Flash is frowned upon by a large group of people, since it is not standard and thus people with an old, new or unusual OS, browser or with a slow connection to the Internet find site that use Flash to be nothing but a pain in the ...

Also, I think a better way of making people come back, is if you keep putting new things there - then they come back to check if something has happened.

Just my 2 cents.


Ps. I am not trying to start a 'religious' war here, all opinions here are mine, if you don't share them, that's fine by me

Baxter Baxter
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I just tried it again, and it said I didn't have the proper version of flash and javascript (although I'm completely up to date on both).

Seriously, this is a bad idea, and as soon as you do it, someone will view source code, or use some other method to get what you're trying to hide.

What you're trying to do flies in the face of what the web is all about, and is going to do nothing but frustrate and alienate potential visitors.

David David
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This is always the problem when showcasing your stuff on the net.  You just have to accept that by increasing your audience you will proportionally increase the piracy of your work.

I have the same problem with music.  Generally labels are less willing to sign you if your music has already been made freely available on the net.  The compromise I have come to is to only release music on the net that I don't intend to put in a future album.  The mp3s I do put out are encode at a lowish fixed bitrate of 160kbps.

Still, stream-only technology at least puts off the less determined hackers.

Ultimately I'd say that you can't have your cake and eat it.  If you want to enjoy the exposure the internet gives then you have to accept the sacrifices that come with it.

Chris Strupp Chris Strupp
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I don't think it is possible because even youtube which uses flash files can still easily be pulled. There are scripts to prevent right clicking annd svaing but there is almost always a way to exploit or get around dpownloading videos and content like that.

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Jumi Ram Jumi Ram
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Hello Hagene88,
Some JavaScript apps that disallow right-clicking on your website or you can use Flash to turn your images into more of a interactive movie so they can't steal images or if all else fails you can always watermark your images.
I think it will help you to resolve your question.

Thank You.
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Krystine Tawnie Krystine Tawnie
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Generally labels are less willing to sign you if your music has already been made freely available on the net.The compromise I have come to is to only release music on the net that I don't intend to put in a future album.

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