Web Design Software: How to Image an Image Map in Frontpage?

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Dgs3333 Dgs3333
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I've just started to design my first website so please excuse my ignorence in web design.
My problem is that I can't get the Image Map I created in PhotoshopCS/ImagereadyCS to work in Frontpage. I've created the complete Image Map, set all the rollovers and saved it as an Html file with Images, so I end up with a file named *.html and a folder that has the original image and all of the rollover images. Then I open frontpage and insert the html file into my web page, but when I try it in the preview mode I get an error mesage saing that an object was expected, and if I preview it in the explorer the rollover efects don't show. I've tried inserting it with "format/web component/included content/page", but I get the same error. If anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong i'd appreciate it very much.
Thank you.


Baxter Baxter
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This isn't very helpful, but the short answer isn't "here's how" it's "DON'T".

Imagemaps are generally bad news.
Frontpage is generally bad news.
Combining the two and you have definite, indescribable bad news.

Sorry I'm not more help, but I wouldn't wade into that minefield with a pitchfork in my back.

Dgs3333 Dgs3333
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Ok. Thankyou for the advise but I would like to try anyway. Probably dreamweaver is lightyears ahead of Frontpage for web design, but Ive never used Dreamweaver so until I learn I'm stuck with Frontpage.
Still, I'm open to sugestions about other ways of achiveing my goal, wich is to do a web page with an image that responds on certain parts when moving the mouse over them, at the time that it gives you the posibility of clicking on those parts to link to other pages. ???

Stan Stan
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You could slice up the image with Photoshop and put the pieces in a table. Be sure to set border, cellspacing & cellpadding to"0". Avoid colspan & rowspan as much as you can.

Download Mozilla and try using Composer. It's free and it might be better than Frontpage. A few years ago I tried both and liked Composer better.

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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A quick search on Google for 'image map frontpage' brought up several tutorials. Here are some...



but it is interesting that above the tutorials in the search were several items about people having problems with image maps in FrontPage!

It would seem that FrontPage has a built-in image map editor. I would have thought that you are more likely to get results with that rather than import ImageReady code.

As Baxter hinted, image maps are not the best way to create links. Unless you specifically want to create hotspots on an image - like towns on a map or a medical illustration, it is better to use other methods to define 'hot' areas on an image.

The main problem with image maps is that they are static and don't provide any visual clue that they are links until you actually 'explore' them with the mouse and see the cursor change or the url in the status bar. It is important that a link looks like a link unless you are playing some sort of 'hide the link' game.

Slice up the image (as Stan suggests) into separate images with attached links. Having done that, you can provide a rollover state for the 'hot' areas that provide valuable feedback to the user.

You could also use CSS techniques but if it is your first site, that might be asking too much.

Baxter Baxter
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Yup. Take Stan's advice and slice that sucker up. You won't win firiends among the standards or semantics crowds, but you'll get the job done, and you gotta start somewhere.

Also, check out NVU, it's a free, open-source editor based on Composer. Sort of super-composer. Definitely better than Frontpage.

Every day you use frontpage, you're learning junk you'll have to unlearn later.

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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What do you think of Nvu?


It's an open source HTML editor based upon Composer and CasCadeS and available in Windows, OSX an Linux flavours.

I promised to give them some feedback.

Baxter Baxter
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Personally, I'm not the right person to ask, since I'm very set in my BBedit/occasional dreamweaver ways, but I've recommended it to a few people based on it's price, relative  standards compliance and relative ease of use, and they've been impressed.

I found it a bit buggy and non-intuitive on OS X. But it is beta, and I AM set in my ways.

Dgs3333 Dgs3333
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Well, I think I'll take the advice and slice up the image. I'll also check out composer and NVU.
Thank you all for your help, whithout guys like you people like me would be stuck with there problems forever  ;D

Maskodok Eko Maskodok Eko
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